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Where’s the perfect camera bag?

I have been on the hunt!  I am trying to find a camera bag that can do the following: look awesome lightweight hold my camera and a few lens sleek and slim lots of pockets I do have a few bags in my arsenal but none of them fit the role.  So let me explain: […]

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running from camera

So, for whatever reason you have a camera.  Maybe you are a photographer, maybe you love to take pictures, maybe somebody gave it to you as a gift and you are still figuring things out.  Nonetheless, have you ever considered doing something totally off the wall, different and creative?  Check this out and then think […]

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The car

My BIL has a car that he loves.  He scheduled a photoshoot for it.  : )  I flew all the way over to Indiana for it (ok and a few other things).  My sister and I surprised him with an album honoring The Car.  When he saw that I launched this lovely little site his […]

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