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Show me color, show me fun!  Show me different and I’ll run run run (or jump for joy, or do a little jig, or call you back for more)!  Gotta love those who are willing to let loose and be different!  A picture is worth lots of words… something like a thousand I hear.  

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Behind the scenes

Have you ever felt really moved by something or someone?  Have you ever been in awe at the dedication and selflessness of another.  I have much to learn about raising a family and I can tell you that this family could teach me lots!  Can I just hang on to their coat tails and hope […]

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Does size really matter?

I love these moments, candid moments.  Nobody is going to be hanging this above their sofa as a 60×40 print (I would).  How could I NOT keep this?    If I was a millionaire (maybe I would need to be a billionaire to do this) I would compile a short story from people’s photo shoots, make […]

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