15 Nov 2011

Green, yellow, and purple | Kirkland Family Photographer

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It’s almost as if they studied the color wheel and learned that purple goes great with yellow…  The sun was shining through the fields and trees providing a golden warm day in Kirkland.  I am starting to think that all the talk about raining in Washington may not be true after all (but ask me again in February).  Jenna was the first girl I knew here in Kirkland. She introduced me to doctors and swimming lessons, friends and delicious places to eat!  I love this family!  I did family portraits for them last year at Kerry Park in Seattle and captured the Seattle skyline in the background.  This time, we are doing the class green/yellow scene of the pacific northwest!

A family portrait session in Kirkland, WA

A family in Kirkland, WA for family portraits

11 Nov 2011

Deadlines and rain | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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Even though it seems as though school JUST started, the seniors are already meeting deadlines, ordering caps and gowns, graduation announcements and modeling for their senior portraits.  The instructions come to the photographer and say things like, “the head size will be approximately 5/8 inch from chin to eyebrow…,”  or how about this one, “neutral background color-traditional mottled gray, blue or brown,” WHAT?  Seriously.  Well, we followed the directions, set up a session and with a gray (ish) background but had no other choice since it was raining.  : )  We shot as creatively as we good given our restrictions and parameters.  She is beautiful with such a sweet personality.  She rallies those around her and brightens the mood wherever she goes.

studio senior portraits

08 Nov 2011

Rainboots in the sun | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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It was an expectedly sunshine-y day and very busy at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  I suppose it offered some audience for this senior and her afternoon of modeling?  : )  She brought these rainboots-RED.  Red goes with everything and she sported them better than anybody I have seen.  We had fun dodging people and waiting for others to pass.  The day was wonderful (and I was even sweating… yes, here in the pacific northwest) and she was adorable.  Her mother was every bit as adorable and I can’t wait to do her “senior” photos someday.  :)

A sunny day for senior portraits at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

A sunny day for senior portraits at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

A sunny day for senior portraits at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

02 Nov 2011

Discovery Park senior session | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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We were the lucky winners of a special pass to DRIVE down to the water at Discovery Park in Seattle.  There were rules… like you need to be a senior citizen or have young children-none of which fit our circumstance.  Then, she asked about driving because of her knee.  YES!  A special circumstance that may get us down to the water to avoid the 1 mile+ walk.  She had just had surgery on her knee and wasn’t able to walk long distances and short distances weren’t easy.  We asked and we received.  We proudly displayed our disability pass in our window, drove down to the “special parking lot” near the lighthouse and water’s edge and did our session, or much of it, there.  It was another gorgeous day in Seattle as the clouds gently diffused the sun providing some beautiful light.  I was doing quite the acrobatic tricks holding my reflector while the sun was strong without an assistant.  A kind man walked by and asked if he could help but he was about ten minutes too late.  The air was crisp and chilly, the sun was warm and the beach was beautiful.  It made a perfect day for a senior session At Discovery Park!Senior portrait at Discovery Park in Seattle

Senior portrait at Discovery Park in Seattle

Senior portrait at Discovery Park in Seattle

Senior portrait at Discovery Park in Seattle

27 Oct 2011

The whirlwind session | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I have had session in the past that goes fairly quickly (like for my kids who give me all of ten seconds) but I must say that this family was organized and ready and had their act together.  The only challenge was trying to convince their handsome little boy that he should stay in the family pictures.  Melissa is also a photographer and so maybe I can blame her professionalism on experience BUT don’t ask her what happened when she turned to take pictures of us!   Ok, I will tell you…  : )  1/2 of my family left-there are only four of us so that left two.  Perfect family photo, right.  The two that left claimed to need a restroom immediately and the two that stayed did not behave one bit!  Let’s just say we gave her a true test and she may change how she feels (actually, I’m sure she already did) about taking pictures of our family-or should I say half of our family.  It’s not funny.  I’m not laughing.  : )  This is probably the most pictures I have put on one post for a while.  It was a sunny say here in Kirkland and the skies cleared as I was driving up to meet them.  That was lovely!

Here she is, Melissa and her family-cute and organized and ready for pictures!

A WA family on a sunny day in Seattle

Kids on stone steps in sunny Seattle

A toddler boy interested in dead flowers

24 Oct 2011

Senior portraits and her rain boots | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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19 Oct 2011

Bubbles are always a winner | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I have often thought about bringing bubbles to a photo session but have yet to follow through on my idea.  I was pleasantly surprised to see bubbles emerge from their bags on this day!  …it was such a treat for the little kids but I was mostly surprised at how intrigued their dog seemed to be.  Have you ever tried to get a dog to be involved in a family portrait?  I’m thinking bubbles just may be the trick!

a boy blowing bubbles for his dog

13 Oct 2011

Vacation in San Diego

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Another attempt at a movie clip of a summer vacation… Playing on the beach for a week was so much fun (minus the sting ray in the foot when I finally was brave enough to go boogie boarding)!

10 Oct 2011

Mustaches and family fun | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I just love when families don’t take things too seriously.  This family was too much fun and its rare for parents to say, “No, I don’t care if they get dirty (or wet, or wrinkled, etc),” and this family was out for the adventure… can you tell?

A Family portrait with silly adhesive mustaches

07 Oct 2011

Help with your point of view | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Sometimes you just need a better view, a different point of view.  A little help never hurts.

A father and his son looking through the church windows