05 Jan 2010


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I need help with this blog.  I would love feedback on this new site/blog.  What do you think?  What can I improve? What is great and what is terrible?


In the meantime, I will be reviewing some of my favorites from 2009. 

Kade is hilarious, can you tell?  I have every pose/emotion from him documented but this one was it for me!  He was just a goof and showed his true colors.  His mom is going to smother his room (or the stairwell-not sure what she decided) with fun pictures and this may not make the cut since he had so many funny ones.  I love the peace symbol shadowed on his face, along with his serious demeanor.  It’s like he is saying, “Peace, or else!” 

05 Jan 2010

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Writing down goals and (committing to them) sounds easy but in practice, its hard!  I’ve written all sorts of things that I REALLY AND TRULY meant to get to (like dropping 25 pounds, learning Spanish, etc) but even writing them down didn’t work for me.  Ok, I’ll be honest-I attempted but no follow through.  Something that isn’t easy seems a little harder to knock off the goal sheet.

Well, I tried it differently this year (for the photography side of things) and typed them out, printed them out, hung them above my desk and started acting upon them before 2010 started.  So, tonight is the night I have finished a HUGE step for me.  THIS NEW BLOG/WEBSITE!  I obviously can’t take credit as Tim (my dedicated and supportive husband) is the brains behind customizing this blog so thank you Tim!  He showed me how to maintain, create and change stuff but he certainly made the buttons and links do what I needed it to do.  I LOVED my website before (which was my blood sweat and tears, not Tim’s (insert curtsy here)) but I wanted to incorporate a blog that I could contribute to regularly-and feel like it tied into everything.  I wanted it to all be in one place.  Voila…

I am striving for these in 2010:

  • Complete the studio (finish hanging prints, add mirror, and a few other minor touches)
  • Do 3-4 classes/workshops by year end
  • Update website/blog by end of February
  • Master workflow process and a system of time blocking and stick to it
  • Join PPA (or a club/organization/association of camera people in the local area) before year end
  • Second shoot a wedding (but I changed my mind on this one—no longer a 2010 goal)
  • Read 3 new educational books on photography or the business side of life
  • Revisit business plan, pricing, and goals  and update by end of January
  • Travel with my camera and get paid for it
  • Find 5 photos that I love and hang them on my wall (my home, not studio)  ok, so this should go on my personal goals but I needed an even 10 so there you have it)

Hallelujah, the year is starting off with a jumpstart.  I am inspired by so many out there so a thanks to some of them…

I have 2 workshops in the works for far:

  • FranciPants Academy (awesome guidance on the business of photography-I am in this right now and looking forward to all that I will learn and develop)
  • OneLight Workshop (I hope to do this one in July in Indianapolis)

I would love to take more classes (the advanced class and the flash class) by Wendy Schultz but I am hanging tight on the waiting list.  The first class I took from her was AWESOME and full of goodness!  I highly recommend it!

I also love the idea of the AZ Highways workshops but I am going to hold on and see what the buzz is out there.


Time to finally get some sleep!