04 Jan 2012

What are you doing for 2012? | Kirkland Family Photographer

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So, its 2012… what are your ambitions, goals and desires?  Mine you ask?  To recover from our sunny two weeks in AZ.  Here is a visual as to what I may be dealing with!  I don’t think I have ever had this much hanging laundry at one time.  None of us want a single gozillion-th of an inch lost, due to drying.  We ate ourselves into an oblivion and need to not only clean our clothes but still wear them at our new (more round) state of being.  I’ll consider this an attempt to save energy and money…  That sounds much better!

AZ was wonderful, sunny, loud and chaotic at most times, and a perfect place to be when rain and cold could not be escaped.  I love my family, my nieces and nephews, my friends and that beautiful shiny thing in the sky… sunshine.  It is always great to be back in our own home.  Now I am ready…

So, here goes 2012….  Happy New Year

lots of handing laudry
lots of laundry hanging to dry

23 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas from our family | Kirkland Family Photographer

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It is probably time to publicly apologize to my friend and photographer, Melissa Hancock!  She had no idea what she was in for and I can say, neither did I (I never know what is going to happen during MY OWN family photos).  Her family photo results were The Whirlwind Session and her kids are beautiful.  I’m sure my kids, MY KIDS (ahem) were lovely too, just not when she was ready to photograph them.  : )  After the two boys had to leave (who does that during a family session?) then Zoe and I had a chance to get some mother daughter photos.  Aren’t they endearing?  I honestly love these pictures because it truly is us-a little goofy, a little unprepared and definitely full of color (both literally and figuratively).  We stuck these in our holiday cards and we had phone calls right away exclaiming that Tim looks good with a mustache and Zane can do the crazy eye thing pretty darn well.   Melissa, thank you for capturing these moments in our lives.  Thank you for these pictures that I love!

So, from our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A silly family photo with mustaches

a mother and daughter being silly

family photo with mustached

a silly family photo

20 Dec 2011

Excitement | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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I honestly find myself smiling and laughing as if I am here all over again.  I’m not sure who was more excited about this shoot, the girls or me.  : )  I think they have reached the age when they actually look forward to having an updated picture?!  Don’t they look happy and giggly?  I should have paid them to be with me.   Her poor husband is definitely outnumbered and he said a smile that shows teeth was too much work.  : )  When I was reviewing the results I saw teeth!  Does that mean his family actually had him laughing?  : )

family portraits at Queen Creek Wash

family portraits at Queen Creek Wash

family portraits at queen creek wash

family portraits at queen creek wash

15 Dec 2011

Cherries in winter

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I have been preparing for 2012 and that means clearing out, backing up and deleting (the old of course). I came across a picture I took over the summer at Pike Market in Seattle and it sent me to a dreamy place.  I miss the fresh fruit, the hustle and bustle, the sun and the temperatures of the summer.  Can I get fresh cherries in winter?  Ummmm, no, I don’t think so?  Our summer lasted aproximately 2.3 weeks, which clearly isn’t long enough for a desert rat!  So, I will continue to glance at my market pictures and my dreamy place with anticipation of next summer, which by the way starts in about August here.  I have a long road ahead of me… but wait until you see what I bought to survive the winters!  It’s good!

Oh… today is my birthday and I’m flying to AZ.  Happy Birthday to me.  A girl’s got to do what a girl’s go to do!

Cherries at Pike Market in Seattle

13 Dec 2011

Get what you can | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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Meet my sister and her two kids.  (I sure miss them.)  Since I am quite familiar to them it wasn’t exactly a “professional” situation.  : ) ( As a matter of fact, she is my first client who has requested a reshoot!)  I know, can you believe it?  But let’s be honest… how “professional” am I really?  I always try to create a casual and comfortable situations to avoid being the next laugh on Awkward Family Photos.  Please tell me you know exactly what I am talking about?  That site is ALWAYS a good laugh.  Anyhow, my time with them is always fun whether I am chasing and begging them to come at least 15 feet in my proximity, and each other, or hugging and kissing on them so they know how much I love them!  You can check back after the holidays for the reshoot!  : (

kids hugging
A mother and her two kids laughing and hugging

08 Dec 2011

Half a dozen or so | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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If you are a photographer and looking to get ideas for ANY type of portraits, go park yourself at the Downtown Mesa Arts Center!  You are sure to get some tips, ideas and maybe see a friend or two.  I should never be surprised when I run into somebody I know in Mesa (even if it is just a familiar face and I realize I don’t know their name so I save myself from embarrassment and look the other way).  I even went to the grocery store with my mom and found somebody I know.  It rarely, RARELY, happens here in Washington but now I know why my parents always told me, “You never know who you’ll see,” in their efforts to not let me get out the door in my lounge wear (aka pajamas).  So, back to Mesa Arts Center…  have you ever been to Downtown Mesa Arts Center in November?  There, you will find just about every photographer from the area.  At any given time (I hung out there quite a bit over the weekend) you could count a half a dozen photographers or so.  There was an old brick building that seemed to be popular that I noticed later but I was really liking this old concrete wall.  : )  Actually its not old at all.  I liked its simplicity, the diagonal lines AND that anything goes with the color “concrete.”  I’m so grateful for this fun, energetic family who also had half a dozen or so (kiddos).

Family portraits at Mesa Arts Center

Mesa Family portraits at mesa Arts Center

Family portraits at Mesa Arts Center

Family portraits at Downtown mesa arts center

06 Dec 2011

Staying ahead and other important things to do | Kirkland Family Photographer

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It’s the Christmas season… some would say that it doesn’t begin until after Thanksgiving ends.  For me, that typically rings true but this year is a little different!  We ordered our holiday cards, sealed, addressed, stamped and then looked at the calendar and it read, “November 17.”  Not cool.  I couldn’t possibly send the cards out BEFORE Thanksgiving.  It is bad enough that Costco starts stocking their Christmas gifts right after Halloween and sometimes before.  I didn’t want to add to the push and pressure so I held them in the car, in a box, and waited.  AND WAITED.  I considered putting them in the drop box at the post office on Thanksgiving morning just to get those dang things out of my car but I waited.  The morning of Friday, November 25th, you can only imagine where we headed?!  Phew, to get those things away from me.  Staying ahead of the to do list actually added more to-do’s…. keep them until it is appropriate to send them.  Both are now checked off and I feel much better!

envelopes being dropped in the mailbox

01 Dec 2011

Oh to skip a nap | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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I can say that this is one of my favorite families to photograph… it is my dear brother, his beautiful (runner) wife and their two adorable kids.   Both of these darlings are at the age where frankly, they could care less about family photos.  Their parents pulled out crackers, promised treats and even offered the ability to skip a nap if only they could care about this moment.  BUT … not caring is the photos I love to capture.  It always makes me laugh (and sweat) while I try and capture the family in the same frame.  : )   I always walk away from a session learning something new and today I learned that quiet time without a nap must really be a magical treat.  Oh, if only somebody would send me to quiet time and require a nap…!!

As a side note, this little gem location was pointed out to me by another family who I photographed right after my brother.  I couldn’t believe that Queen Creek had green trees in November!  What a surprise!

Family portraits at Queen Creek wash

Family portraits at Queen Creek Wash

Family Portraits at Queen Creek Wash

Family Portraits at Queen Creek Wash

28 Nov 2011

Sugar and spice | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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Need I explain this title?  Can’t you just look at that little adorable girl and know?  She kept us laughing and chasing and waiting and smiling!  Brooke and her family are not strangers to me!  Do you remember my post about Design Stash?  That little girl has grown up and so have her brothers.  The parents… its amazing how only the kids get older!  : )  What a pleasure it was to photograph this family and their spunk, smiles, laughter and love.

Family Photos at Downtown Mesa Arts Center

Family Photos at Downtown Mesa Arts Center

23 Nov 2011

An unusual occasion | Phoenix Band Photographer

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I have an aunt who happens to be a talented trumpist (is that the formal word for one who plays the trumpet?  I should go look it up…  I’ll be back).

I have an aunt who happens to be a talented trumpeter and she connected me with her band, Arizona Winds Concert Band.  They were looking to update their website and Facebook page, among other materials, and hired me to take their pictures.  Now, this isn’t a typical shoot for me since the families I photograph usually leave their tuxedos at home.  It was truly a most perfect morning in Phoenix, AZ and we headed out to a mountain preserve where I met up with the group all dressed in their fancy concert attire.  The clouds scarcely covered the sun, providing some beautiful diffused light.  The band was facing the east and prior to the morning, I was worried that the 60+ members would be squinting at the sun.   You can imagine how pleased I was with an slightly overcast morning (something I am used to up here in the Pacific Northwest).  I loved their location it was so appropriate for an AZ band!   With a little hill to climb to get started, I enjoyed seeing them come one by one with their instruments in hand, ready to shoot!   Each group of instruments took some formal pictures and then had fun with some unusual and unexpected pictures (just my type). The morning went smoothly and I’m anxious to see what they do with their site!  Here are a few from our perfect Phoenix morning together…

AZ Winds Concert Band preparing for pictures

AZ Winds Concert Band taking updated band photos

AZ Winds Concert Band

Az Winds Concert Band

AZ Winds Concert Band