16 Mar 2012

Vegetables, week 10 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I am attempting to use more veggies… I was inspired by Fords Over Knives (a video about the benefits of a whole foods, whole grains, and a plant strong diet) and researched a bit about this type of diet and found a couple books to read. THIS book is colorful, fun, bright… who wouldn’t want to buy it? We are cleaning out cupboards over here, getting rid of packaged stuff (basically the crutches for the kids) and going to do our best to bring more veggies, whole grains and such in our home.  (Why do I often use the word attempting?  I think it’s non-comittal.)  Wish me luck!

Crazy Sexy Diet

13 Mar 2012

Spirit, week 9 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Spirit? The first thought was spiritual… here is my attempt to be spiritual. I am trying to read scriptures, even the “made easy” version. I have several things stacking up on my nightstand in an attempt to fill my spiritual bucket.  One morning, I sat in bed, told the kids I would be downstairs in 30 minutes… enough time to read something. Within 2 minutes, child no. 2 was at the door requesting help with all sorts of things. I pleaded for 30 minutes, he pleaded for help.  He won.

It’s no wonder my pile gets bigger and bigger…

Night stand with books

09 Mar 2012

Romance, week 8 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Romance, romance, romance… What to shoot for romance? This morning when I got out of bed, about 34 minutes after my husband left for the day, I went in to our bathroom and saw this for the millionth time. It hit me… this is romance. He leaves the heater on high to make the bathroom warm for me. We aren’t fancy-we don’t have heated floors. Instead we buy a “fancy” space heater and heat our space. I’m not romantic enough to get up and turn it on for him but he ALWAYS leaves it on for me. It is so thoughtful! Should I go ahead and tell him that he doesn’t need to do that because I don’t go in and get showered until about 4:00pm, just in time for him to get home?

Space Heater on the bathroom floor

06 Mar 2012

Body Parts, Week 7 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I’m sure just the title alone makes one curious?

Instead of taking a picture of what has happened to my body parts by eating these, I will take a picture of the culprit. I grabbed a few to get me through the morning, laid them out on the closest service as to NOT interrupt my desk space (this is sitting on a collapsable table top behind my desk). I noticed two things almost immediately; First, the top of this MacBook says it all in the sticker. Second, I am addicted. I knew that six wouldn’t be enough.

Body parts… what am I going to do about my body parts? It is strange that a plentiful supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups isn’t working… don’t you think?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on a MacBook

21 Feb 2012

School dances, now and then | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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WOW.. I found this way back from fall and forgot to post it-some pictures from Homecoming (then added MY dance pictures for a little shock factor).

I couldn’t help but remember my days of nails and hair-dos, dates and dresses, dinners and PICTURES, corsages and boutonnieres.  Some things have changed (including home decor in the background) and some things haven’t (like my love for my fun friend).  I especially like the newly painted red manicure and the perfect puffy sleeves from 1992, Christmas Formal.  Do you think it’s weird that we have a real wood burning fireplace in Mesa, AZ?  I do!  I remember it being used all of about three times in the 18 years that I lived there.  AND, those stockings-my mom made those for us and still hangs them to this day.  She made them and we love them!

High School Homecoming 1993

Juanita High School Homecoming

Juanita High School Homecoming

16 Feb 2012

Tired, oh so tired

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Our theme this week (oh, wait… it was last week and I’m just getting caught up) was Tired.  Man, that word is something I use in my every day vocabulary!  I’m usually tired after I wake up and certainly more tired before I go back to bed.  I’ll blame the weather.

Today, I ran upstairs feeling pretty proud of my quick jaunt up and saw these balloons from the night before.  I was out of breath and well… so were the balloons.  They were afloat last night and somehow they managed to get to my room.  The whole thing is mysterious because they were floating in the entry way this morning.  I had to laugh and think about the balloons feeling oh so tired (like me) finding their way to bed.  They were going to rest but after they finished their day… Their feet, just barely hitting the bed, hovering above as to try to last just a little longer.  That is exactly how I feel at about 5:00pm… just go to hold on a little longer.  :)

Balloons losing helium, sinking

13 Feb 2012

Are you sleeping?

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A new theme (and yes, it is ok that I take both last week’s picture and this week’s picture in the same day)…  SLEEP

They are dressed daily, granted naptime and have cuter clothes in their closet then I have in mine.  These are the American Girl dolls that live here, in their own room, with their own bed.  I have been amazed at the time and effort that my daughter puts into taking care of them.  She adores the dolls and even remembers that when it’s cold out to dress them with a jacket, boots and a blanket.  Since the Ikea doll bed only can sleep two dolls, she used an extra box, brought home from Costco to assist in carrying groceries, to create a cozy bed so that Kit will not miss her bedtime.  Having these dolls here has brought out the inner child in me.  When I am asked to help dress them or complete a new hair do, I oblige (and have to admit it, I enjoy it).  : )

two American Girl Dolls

American Girl doll laying in a box

24 Jan 2012

Winter? Nah, summer!

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I just opened my front door and saw my 2011 Photo A Day book and was so grateful.  We, as a family, ooohed and ahhhed as we turned page by page, enjoying the journey through our memories.  I committed to continuing photographing our growth, our changes, our lives, our home and our dailies as best as I could.  Now, if I could get a book delivery every day, I can imagine that there would be no problem with motivation!

With that said, I am also involved in a 52 week challenge.  This week’s challenge theme is Winter/Summer.  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to photograph for this theme.  My son completes this image for me just about every day.  Do you see what I mean?  We are bundling up in snow pants, jackets, and layers while he grabs his flip flops.  He always has a pair of flips at our front door.  Always!  When the snow was dumping last week, he ventured outside in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  I was watching him from the kitchen window as he squatted in the snow to play with a birdhouse.  I begged Tim to come with his iPhone to quickly grab a picture before he walked away.

I love to see his contribution at the door…

coat rack with snow boots and jackets

boy with flip flops in snow

19 Jan 2012

My new life, full of color

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It’s cold.  I never knew Cold before. Now, I know Cold.  I don’t know it as well as others, but I know it better.

I have always loved colors and textures but now since I know Cold, I have a great problem on my hands-an expensive problem.  I need to get dressed up to greet Cold.  I need to be bundled in several layers to be comfortable around Cold.  I get to invest in things that never had much meaning to me… words like wool, and down and such.  Those words have changed my life and have introduced me to warmth when I am around Cold.  I’m grateful for the things I learn each day, each new chapter in my life.  This, my new growing friendship with Cold, I am grateful for and I am grateful for warmth-that I can find it when I need it.

several colorful scarves

several scarves hanging

17 Jan 2012

Jack of all trades, master of none

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Today was a sad day for me… I sold the three kayaks I own.

I bought one and convinced my other half that I needed more so I could bring friends along on my adventures and maybe even someday him.  I got good use in Arizona-the driest of all places.   Several of us, including others with kayak ownership or borrowship, would casually experience different parts of the Salt River.  I was determined to bring them up here, to Washington, the wettest of all places.  I just knew I could use those kayaks-and again, I would bring others along my journey.

Eighteen months have passed and they sit… cobwebs and all.  They have never visited the waters here in Washington and Guilt started to set. It was a moment when he could say, “I told you so, ” since he did try and convince me to sell them before our big move.  It was time to say good-bye.  I am one who does not hold on to stuff!  If it isn’t being used, out with it!

I love to try different things, learn new things.  I often think this will be the THING that lasts forever.  But, then I realize that it isn’t.  and I sell it and move on to the next new thing.

3 kayaks in the garage