16 Mar 2012

Vegetables, week 10 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I am attempting to use more veggies… I was inspired by Fords Over Knives (a video about the benefits of a whole foods, whole grains, and a plant strong diet) and researched a bit about this type of diet and found a couple books to read. THIS book is colorful, fun, bright… who wouldn’t want to buy it? We are cleaning out cupboards over here, getting rid of packaged stuff (basically the crutches for the kids) and going to do our best to bring more veggies, whole grains and such in our home.  (Why do I often use the word attempting?  I think it’s non-comittal.)  Wish me luck!

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  1. michelle s. says:

    That’s awesome LIsa!! Since we’ve been doing our “Lent” diet we’ve been eating a very basic, non processed diet. I ADORE it. The simplicity of food was lacking at our house. And your book is adorable. I’d buy it too. But sometimes I DO judge a book by it’s cover. I want to hear more about your FOOD adventures. :)

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