13 Mar 2012

Spirit, week 9 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Spirit? The first thought was spiritual… here is my attempt to be spiritual. I am trying to read scriptures, even the “made easy” version. I have several things stacking up on my nightstand in an attempt to fill my spiritual bucket.  One morning, I sat in bed, told the kids I would be downstairs in 30 minutes… enough time to read something. Within 2 minutes, child no. 2 was at the door requesting help with all sorts of things. I pleaded for 30 minutes, he pleaded for help.  He won.

It’s no wonder my pile gets bigger and bigger…

Night stand with books

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  1. michelle s. says:

    My trick when the kids were younger was to arrive at the school 30 minutes early when picking them up and read in the car. Now that they ride the bus home it’s a struggle again. Yesterday I was trying to read at home and everyone was distracting me so I dropped Natalie off at ballet and then sat in my car for 30 minutes reading before driving home. ;) Gotta get creative. :P

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