09 Mar 2012

Romance, week 8 | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Romance, romance, romance… What to shoot for romance? This morning when I got out of bed, about 34 minutes after my husband left for the day, I went in to our bathroom and saw this for the millionth time. It hit me… this is romance. He leaves the heater on high to make the bathroom warm for me. We aren’t fancy-we don’t have heated floors. Instead we buy a “fancy” space heater and heat our space. I’m not romantic enough to get up and turn it on for him but he ALWAYS leaves it on for me. It is so thoughtful! Should I go ahead and tell him that he doesn’t need to do that because I don’t go in and get showered until about 4:00pm, just in time for him to get home?

Space Heater on the bathroom floor

4 Responses to “Romance, week 8 | Kirkland Family Photographer”

  1. michelle s. says:

    Yep. That’s love. I totally love hearing about romance from women who are 10+ years into marriage. No one mentions flowers or candy. I love how unique the expressions of romance are these days. :)

  2. timheuer says:

    Does this mean my bank of love credits fills up every time I do this? :-)

  3. lisa says:

    Michelle, you are so right! It IS the every day expressions. We can look and find so many!

  4. lisa says:

    Yes! Oh yes it does. ;)

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