16 Feb 2012

Tired, oh so tired

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Our theme this week (oh, wait… it was last week and I’m just getting caught up) was Tired.  Man, that word is something I use in my every day vocabulary!  I’m usually tired after I wake up and certainly more tired before I go back to bed.  I’ll blame the weather.

Today, I ran upstairs feeling pretty proud of my quick jaunt up and saw these balloons from the night before.  I was out of breath and well… so were the balloons.  They were afloat last night and somehow they managed to get to my room.  The whole thing is mysterious because they were floating in the entry way this morning.  I had to laugh and think about the balloons feeling oh so tired (like me) finding their way to bed.  They were going to rest but after they finished their day… Their feet, just barely hitting the bed, hovering above as to try to last just a little longer.  That is exactly how I feel at about 5:00pm… just go to hold on a little longer.  :)

Balloons losing helium, sinking

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