13 Feb 2012

Are you sleeping?

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A new theme (and yes, it is ok that I take both last week’s picture and this week’s picture in the same day)…  SLEEP

They are dressed daily, granted naptime and have cuter clothes in their closet then I have in mine.  These are the American Girl dolls that live here, in their own room, with their own bed.  I have been amazed at the time and effort that my daughter puts into taking care of them.  She adores the dolls and even remembers that when it’s cold out to dress them with a jacket, boots and a blanket.  Since the Ikea doll bed only can sleep two dolls, she used an extra box, brought home from Costco to assist in carrying groceries, to create a cozy bed so that Kit will not miss her bedtime.  Having these dolls here has brought out the inner child in me.  When I am asked to help dress them or complete a new hair do, I oblige (and have to admit it, I enjoy it).  : )

two American Girl Dolls

American Girl doll laying in a box

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