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School dances, now and then | Kirkland Senior Photographer

WOW.. I found this way back from fall and forgot to post it-some pictures from Homecoming (then added MY dance pictures for a little shock factor). I couldn’t help but remember my days of nails and hair-dos, dates and dresses, dinners and PICTURES, corsages and boutonnieres.  Some things have changed (including home decor in the […]

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Tired, oh so tired

Our theme this week (oh, wait… it was last week and I’m just getting caught up) was Tired.  Man, that word is something I use in my every day vocabulary!  I’m usually tired after I wake up and certainly more tired before I go back to bed.  I’ll blame the weather. Today, I ran upstairs […]

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Are you sleeping?

A new theme (and yes, it is ok that I take both last week’s picture and this week’s picture in the same day)…  SLEEP They are dressed daily, granted naptime and have cuter clothes in their closet then I have in mine.  These are the American Girl dolls that live here, in their own room, […]

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