24 Jan 2012

Winter? Nah, summer!

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I just opened my front door and saw my 2011 Photo A Day book and was so grateful.  We, as a family, ooohed and ahhhed as we turned page by page, enjoying the journey through our memories.  I committed to continuing photographing our growth, our changes, our lives, our home and our dailies as best as I could.  Now, if I could get a book delivery every day, I can imagine that there would be no problem with motivation!

With that said, I am also involved in a 52 week challenge.  This week’s challenge theme is Winter/Summer.  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to photograph for this theme.  My son completes this image for me just about every day.  Do you see what I mean?  We are bundling up in snow pants, jackets, and layers while he grabs his flip flops.  He always has a pair of flips at our front door.  Always!  When the snow was dumping last week, he ventured outside in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  I was watching him from the kitchen window as he squatted in the snow to play with a birdhouse.  I begged Tim to come with his iPhone to quickly grab a picture before he walked away.

I love to see his contribution at the door…

coat rack with snow boots and jackets

boy with flip flops in snow

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