04 Jan 2012

What are you doing for 2012? | Kirkland Family Photographer

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So, its 2012… what are your ambitions, goals and desires?  Mine you ask?  To recover from our sunny two weeks in AZ.  Here is a visual as to what I may be dealing with!  I don’t think I have ever had this much hanging laundry at one time.  None of us want a single gozillion-th of an inch lost, due to drying.  We ate ourselves into an oblivion and need to not only clean our clothes but still wear them at our new (more round) state of being.  I’ll consider this an attempt to save energy and money…  That sounds much better!

AZ was wonderful, sunny, loud and chaotic at most times, and a perfect place to be when rain and cold could not be escaped.  I love my family, my nieces and nephews, my friends and that beautiful shiny thing in the sky… sunshine.  It is always great to be back in our own home.  Now I am ready…

So, here goes 2012….  Happy New Year

lots of handing laudry
lots of laundry hanging to dry

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  1. michelle s. says:

    Happy New Year, Lisa! I hear you on the air drying. Need every spec of room in our clothes these days. :P

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