08 Dec 2011

Half a dozen or so | Queen Creek Family Photographer

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If you are a photographer and looking to get ideas for ANY type of portraits, go park yourself at the Downtown Mesa Arts Center!  You are sure to get some tips, ideas and maybe see a friend or two.  I should never be surprised when I run into somebody I know in Mesa (even if it is just a familiar face and I realize I don’t know their name so I save myself from embarrassment and look the other way).  I even went to the grocery store with my mom and found somebody I know.  It rarely, RARELY, happens here in Washington but now I know why my parents always told me, “You never know who you’ll see,” in their efforts to not let me get out the door in my lounge wear (aka pajamas).  So, back to Mesa Arts Center…  have you ever been to Downtown Mesa Arts Center in November?  There, you will find just about every photographer from the area.  At any given time (I hung out there quite a bit over the weekend) you could count a half a dozen photographers or so.  There was an old brick building that seemed to be popular that I noticed later but I was really liking this old concrete wall.  : )  Actually its not old at all.  I liked its simplicity, the diagonal lines AND that anything goes with the color “concrete.”  I’m so grateful for this fun, energetic family who also had half a dozen or so (kiddos).

Family portraits at Mesa Arts Center

Mesa Family portraits at mesa Arts Center

Family portraits at Mesa Arts Center

Family portraits at Downtown mesa arts center

4 Responses to “Half a dozen or so | Queen Creek Family Photographer”

  1. michelle s. says:

    Get back here to WA. We need you. ;)

  2. Heather Moll says:

    these are awesome photos, lisa!

  3. lisa says:

    Heather, thank you so much!

  4. lisa says:

    I’m back… playing catch up. Don’t you love that game? : )

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