06 Dec 2011

Staying ahead and other important things to do | Kirkland Family Photographer

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It’s the Christmas season… some would say that it doesn’t begin until after Thanksgiving ends.  For me, that typically rings true but this year is a little different!  We ordered our holiday cards, sealed, addressed, stamped and then looked at the calendar and it read, “November 17.”  Not cool.  I couldn’t possibly send the cards out BEFORE Thanksgiving.  It is bad enough that Costco starts stocking their Christmas gifts right after Halloween and sometimes before.  I didn’t want to add to the push and pressure so I held them in the car, in a box, and waited.  AND WAITED.  I considered putting them in the drop box at the post office on Thanksgiving morning just to get those dang things out of my car but I waited.  The morning of Friday, November 25th, you can only imagine where we headed?!  Phew, to get those things away from me.  Staying ahead of the to do list actually added more to-do’s…. keep them until it is appropriate to send them.  Both are now checked off and I feel much better!

envelopes being dropped in the mailbox

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  1. michelle s. says:

    That’s hilarious. I’m sure all the recipients will feel thankful that you held back and didn’t do The Christmas Creep. ;)

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