15 Nov 2011

Green, yellow, and purple | Kirkland Family Photographer

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It’s almost as if they studied the color wheel and learned that purple goes great with yellow…  The sun was shining through the fields and trees providing a golden warm day in Kirkland.  I am starting to think that all the talk about raining in Washington may not be true after all (but ask me again in February).  Jenna was the first girl I knew here in Kirkland. She introduced me to doctors and swimming lessons, friends and delicious places to eat!  I love this family!  I did family portraits for them last year at Kerry Park in Seattle and captured the Seattle skyline in the background.  This time, we are doing the class green/yellow scene of the pacific northwest!

A family portrait session in Kirkland, WA

A family in Kirkland, WA for family portraits

5 Responses to “Green, yellow, and purple | Kirkland Family Photographer”

  1. michelle s. says:

    You are lying.
    I was there in Kirkland this weekend (at the Woodmark Hotel) and it POURED the entire weekend. ;)
    I thought of you the whole time and would’ve loved to see you but it was all very whirlwind.
    The purple in these images is stunning!! Lovely family.

  2. Heather Moll says:

    the purple is GORGEOUS in that beautiful location! great shots, lisa.

  3. lisa says:

    ahhh. thanks!

  4. lisa says:

    You would think I was lying… we definitely are known for rain and grey-ness…

    I wasn’t here this weekend but DARN!!! The woodmark is a walkable distance from my home!

  5. jenna says:

    You are the best Lisa, my dear! THANKS SO MUCH for capturing our family. Meltdowns and all.

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