27 Oct 2011

The whirlwind session | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I have had session in the past that goes fairly quickly (like for my kids who give me all of ten seconds) but I must say that this family was organized and ready and had their act together.  The only challenge was trying to convince their handsome little boy that he should stay in the family pictures.  Melissa is also a photographer and so maybe I can blame her professionalism on experience BUT don’t ask her what happened when she turned to take pictures of us!   Ok, I will tell you…  : )  1/2 of my family left-there are only four of us so that left two.  Perfect family photo, right.  The two that left claimed to need a restroom immediately and the two that stayed did not behave one bit!  Let’s just say we gave her a true test and she may change how she feels (actually, I’m sure she already did) about taking pictures of our family-or should I say half of our family.  It’s not funny.  I’m not laughing.  : )  This is probably the most pictures I have put on one post for a while.  It was a sunny say here in Kirkland and the skies cleared as I was driving up to meet them.  That was lovely!

Here she is, Melissa and her family-cute and organized and ready for pictures!

A WA family on a sunny day in Seattle

Kids on stone steps in sunny Seattle

A toddler boy interested in dead flowers

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  1. michelle s. says:

    I found your blog! And now I have a subscription! Now I will never lose you again. :P

  2. lisa says:

    Subscription? Cool because that makes it sound like I have something to offer. ; ). I loved catching up on yours today!

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