29 Sep 2011

Throw the salmon and let the pictures speak | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Recently, a bunch of photographers (now friends) met in Seattle for a weekend of photography, learning, socializing and well… playing at Pike Market.  Here I am-my dream come true.  I have watched these guys many weekends, waiting for my big moment.  I suppose the answer is this; show up at 6:30am and show your ambition and you too may be a lucky winner.  : )  He asked if we would like to catch a fish and somehow the buck was passed to me.  BUT, I’ll admit, I’m glad it was.  Just as the crowds were appearing, trying to beat the weekend chaos, I was ushered around to the backside of where the orders were made and I, little ‘ol me, was going to catch the next thrown salmon.  Simple instructions were given, and then I was ready…  He seemed confident that I would catch the fish (until I saw this picture).

a girl catching a salmon at Pike Market

The impact…  the fish landed in my hands but didn’t stop.  At that split second I remembered his instructions, “Put your hands like this so you can grab the tail before it slips out of your hand.”  I followed the directions and stopped that salmon from getting road rash on the cement floor. (Do salmon’s get road rash/cement rash when they slide down a floor?)  It was a heavy salmon and I was determined to do it like the pros.  I thought I had that part covered, until I saw this picture.  Such grace.

a girl catching a salmon at Pike Market

The big surprise… It never slipped.  I caught it and showed my audience like a proud mama.  I did it.  I DID IT.  Note its size.  There was no prize given, no “free salmon” coupon or even a discount.  I think they expected it to be the other way around… a big purchase or tip after I was given such a lovely opportunity.  Something I learned… sometimes pictures tell the real story.  : )

a girl catching a salmon at Pike Market

Thanks to Wendy Schulz for taking my camera and using it on me.  This is one of my most treasured and recorded keepsakes.  It helps that you knew exactly what you were doing with a camera!

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  1. jenna says:

    The last picture is my favorite. You are a pro.

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