22 Sep 2011

The Winnebago and family ties | Kirkland Family Photographer

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What a fun morning I had with this family and their 35+ year old Winnebago.  These two have been married about 40 years (if I am remembering correctly) and they were the highlight of my morning.  I just love when everybody shows up (even if it is 8:30am) ready to have fun!  The Winnebago?  It has been with them for almost as many years as they have been married.  You can imagine the family vacations and memories that were created with this loyal addition.  What a way to celebrate family!  Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your lives and sharing the early morning with me.  You entertained the others, fed them and set such a fabulous mood.  It was such a pleasure to be the guest and enjoy your connections, silliness, and love for one another!

married couple, outdoors, portrait

A family in front of their Winnebago

Family portrait outdoors

Family Portrait Outdoors, on the fence

Married couple, outdoors, portrait

2 Responses to “The Winnebago and family ties | Kirkland Family Photographer”

  1. Heather Moll says:

    Oh my, those top 2 and bottom 2 photos just melt me. So sweet.

  2. lisa says:

    Heather, I felt the same. I loved this session- mom and dad were adorable!

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