15 Sep 2011

Orange and minimal | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Do I even know how to sign in to this thing anymore? HA! Well, hello. I have missed this blog but I haven’t missed the responsibility. I like the idea of reducing responsibility. How about you? I’m trying out the minimalist approach.  Have you seen the new shoes that are for minimalist?  You don’t doubt that I own some… These are the New Balance version.  I love them.  No socks… well, I’m still getting used to that part.  I was mostly drawn to them because of the color.  Surprised?  Me either.  My dear friend, Jenna, was shopping with me and already owned a pair-she already shared her love for those little things so I needed my own so I too could indulge in the minimal-ist way.  So, here is to walking, working and blogging on the minimal edge.  Try it.

New Balance orange and tan minimalist type shoes

2 Responses to “Orange and minimal | Kirkland Family Photographer”

  1. Kristin says:

    I probably wouldn’t have a foot problem if i had worn something like these on our “walk” haha!!

  2. lisa says:

    Ohh Kristin, I am so sorry about your foot. We should have known that ice cream, flip flops and three miles don’t really go hand in hand. : )

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