05 Aug 2011

Self Portraits and vacation | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Self portraits have never been something that intimated me in the past.  As a matter of fact, when I scroll back through old photos, I realize that I turned the camera on myself maybe one too many times. When you carry around a camera that weighs almost as much as your second born, turning the camera happens a little less often (just a little).   BUT, I have been vacationing and stacationing and some of those outings didn’t include bringing along my third child, Canon 5D Mark II (kind of a funny name for a child, huh?).  I felt a bit more free to walk around and ride things such as Atlantis at Sea World (more than once).  I miss all those crazy copped selfies.  I miss those silly faces.  And, I think most of all I miss those candid and spontaneous/breaking every rule photos.

We were geocaching at Sea World and found a virtual cache by taking a picture of ourselves in front of the sky tower.  I gave it a whirl two times and figured between the two, we got what we needed.  There is only one thing missing here… the sky tower we were trying to get.  : )    Self Family Portrait at Sea World

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