18 Jul 2011

Tulip buds and working | Kirkland, WA Family Photographer

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I was contemplating a blog post…  I’m trying to feel like I am on vacation but I view pictures and want to put them to work.  I found this and remembered the real work!  The bus unloads and many many workers move up and down the isles clipping the perfect buds to later sell.  There is a rhythm and a method.  They have a routine and it works.  Within moments, they move to the next isle repeating the process, creating bundles for loved ones and displays everywhere.  Thousands of Tulip Buds make it around the world for sale due to these  hard workers.

I see that pile and think of my messy desk, piled so high I don’t know where to start so I figured this was a good start-right here, updating my blog.  : )

Tulip buds on crates ready to ship

2 Responses to “Tulip buds and working | Kirkland, WA Family Photographer”

  1. Kristin says:

    you do know that tulips are my favorite flower and red is my favorite color right?!?!?!

  2. lisa says:

    I remember that! That picture is for you! Can’t wait until August!

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