14 Jun 2011

Growing Up | Kirkland Family Photographer

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Ever feel like just doing a cartwheel?  Well, I dare you to try.  : )  My cartwheel today looks nothing like my cartwheels did when I was ten.  This gal however has a young body that is as light as a feather and acrobatics was easy for her!  She loved behind upside down, sideways, and everything in between EXCEPT straight up.  I think she saw my camera as the audience and she was ready to perform.   She was not concerned about her cartwheel that crashed or her hair that would be out of place after being upside-down.   She was trying her best and discovering what she was capable of doing.  It was refreshing.

When do we lose that ability… to perform or even try without inhibition?  When do we start to realize failure could be embarrassing?  When do we start to doubt that we are good at everything?  If you ask my daughter what she is good at, it is an easy question for her to answer.  For me, I may answer after some pausing and mumbling and embarrassment.  WHY?  What is wrong with us as adults?  We are all here on earth developing talents and some of are better than others at cartwheels and that’s ok.   What are you good at?  What comes easy for you?  What talents  have blessed your life?  and… why do we hide them?  Growing up changes us, we learn from our experiences.  One failure leads us to believe we simply CAN’T.

But, (without practice) I can’t do cartwheels and I am certain about that!

A little girl doing tumbling on grass

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  1. Kristin says:

    My grandfather called me the upside-down girl. I summersaulted everywhere I went!! I went an entire year without “walking” down the hall to my bedroom!!

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