06 Jun 2011

Prom 2011 | Kirkland Senior Photographer

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Do you remember your prom?  I do.  I remember my mom getting my hair put together and putting all sorts of pins in it.  I remember wearing shoes that weren’t made for walking.  I remember the day of activities and fun.  How old am I anyway because I feel like my senior prom was just a couple years ago…?

What a pleasure it was for me to enjoy a few brief moments with Breanna and James before they skipped off to a dinner date and prom.  I loved seeing the details of hair and make-up, bracelets and corsages and a suit and tie.  It was impossible for me not to smile and beam with excitement for them.  I’m sure James didn’t sign up for the acrobatic moves and work-out that I was asking him to do (ya know, like run, jump, carry, etc.) but he was a trooper.  : )

a beautiful girl pictured before her prom evening

a couple pictured before their prom

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a couples' pictures for prom

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