03 Jun 2011

Summer is here, I think? | Kirkland Family Photographer

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I keep thinking, “this is it!  Summer is finally here,” until the following day the rain and cold returns.  At some point, you just have to get out and pretend that the rain is not the one in control and maybe it will get the hint?  I am a desert girl, remember?  I come from AZ where summer actually starts when we get our Easter baskets filled with our season’s worth of swimsuits and doesn’t end until after we have put away our Halloween costumes.

Here in our hood, we actually get to see each other on sunny days… the other days feel like we are alone on the street.  We all come out with smiles on our faces, pumped up tires on the bicycles and new methods of transportation to try.  Yesterday I was outside with the children enjoying a moment of sun and our neighbors drove up.  I waved high and asked them about the car they were driving, it looked new.  He told me it was his in-laws and they were in town.  Then he continued and said, “but we did bring home our baby.”

Aren’t I a lovely neighbor?  I haven’t seen them (close enough) in what… 5 months to even know she was pregnant.  Embarrassing.  You can imagine the shock on my face.

“What?  I didn’t even know she was pregnant.  I am the worst neighbor you could ever ask for.”  He looked confused since he didn’t ask for a neighbor of course.  “Has it been that long since we have had you guys over for dinner or seen you up close(r)?”  Ahhh. yes. It’s the weather.  We are all tucked away comfortably in our heated homes waiting for the perfect days to become neighbors.

young girls getting ready to skateboard

I have been keeping a photo journal each day of 2011.  It’s called Photo A Day and its random but its mine.  : )

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