01 Jun 2011

Afraid to try something new? | Kirkland family photographer

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Let me let you into my life… the motherhood part of my life.  This is my boy facing one of the hardest things for him (and me)… eating something that he thinks he doesn’t like.   The things that fall on the I Don’t Like List are; all fruits and vegetables, meats, and even fudge on ice cream.  When he was a wee little one and I was introducing pureed food, there was nothing he didn’t eat.  He loved food in general.  Somehow along the line he has developed a hatred for most foods.  It makes me sad, I feel like a failure and on most days I wonder how his little body stays so healthy.  His typical morning meal is a waffle with peanut butter or some eggs and toast or some cereal.  Breakfast meals are usually pleasant for him.  Lunch is typically PB&J (thank goodness he likes peanut butter), macaroni and cheese or crackers with cheese or the like.  Dinner is where we are often stuck.  We sit as a family to eat a meal and he won’t eat and won’t even sit by somebody who is eating an aromatic dish.

So, my motherhood skills are at their finest when I bribe… “If you eat this apple, I will take you to Toys R Us and buy you anything you want.  ANYTHING.  AND, we will have a midnight party and celebrate you trying something new.”  I had no idea what a midnight party looked like but thanks to his sister who got all excited and asked for further details so she could assist in the coaxing, I had to come up with a plan.  “It will be watching movies and eating popcorn and staying up ’til midnight.”  He was thrilled.  I could see in his eyes that he was determined to try it and conquer this fear.  He told me with confidence, “I’m going to eat it mom, I already know I like it.”  Then he took a mini lick/bite and gave a face.  His sister continued to steal apple wedges from his plate reducing his challenge to one slice.  What an incredible reward for eating one slice of apple.  He picked it up, wanted to eat it but just couldn’t get his body to agree.

The poor guy cried.  He wanted to win.  I wanted him to win.  I just want him to EAT, fill his growing body with things of nutritious value.  I just want to be a good mom and teach good eating habits (even if that means a bribe or two).  He proudly states to most people who offer him something on the I Don’t Like list, “I don’t like fruits or vegetables,” but yet he hasn’t tried them since they came in pureed form.  I have been told to try dips and he won’t eat dips-NO DIPS OF ANY KIND.

I think I have a hard time understanding this because I really love to try new things, both culinary and more.  I love a challenge, I love to learn and food… well, I love that too.  He is complacent.  He feels no need to introduce new tastes into his routine and he is satisfied.  I love him.  I pray for him.  I want the best for him.  (I’d like to keep my sanity.)  I hope this will pass.  This is hard as a mother.  I never imagined that this would be one of my struggles (but then again, I imagined no struggles… everything lovely and blissful).

Some may say, “He won’t starve.  Don’t give him other food.”  I did have that mentality for a while.  I had a lock on the pantry.  It was a battle everyday and I decided that I didn’t want my relationship with my son to be like that… a battle over food everyday that resulted in tears and guilt.  He usually opted to bring his own snacks to the dinner table.  Now, I am happy to provide him with his own sandwich so he too can have a pleasant dinner at the table with his family.

From here, I don’t know what to do.  He didn’t come with a manual but I am willing to pay great prices for one (and have invested in many books but none of them have changed the situation).  I have seen doctors, read books, and tried bribery.  He likes his macaroni and cheese and will not divert from his plan.  My goal: get him to taste one piece of fruit and one vegetable before Kindergarten is over.  What’s a mother to do?

boy at the dinner table, not wanting to eat his apples

I have been working on my Photo A Day project and I am struggling to stay up to date.  It is usually my priority each day which is why blogging sometimes takes the back burner.  More of that in another post.

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  1. HOLLIE PRICE says:

    Lisa, I loved reading this! Natalie’s boys don’t eat very well either and mac & cheese, grilled cheese, PB&J and chicken nuggets are their meals! Sorry, but they will eat apples, bananas and grapes!

  2. Margie Owens says:

    Oh Lisa, I have a sister who is struggling with this food issue with a grandson (whose mom and he are living with them at this time). This boy is 2 and he has had food issues since he started solids!! I’m going to pass this on to her, if that’s ok with you. Maybe it will help to know that she’s not alone. We know a boy (brother to a daughter-in-law) who grew up only eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets – he is an adult now, healthy and they are expecting their 1st baby. I think he was over that phase by the time he hit high school??? I could find out, if you want.
    It sounds like you are doing everyting possible and being a WONDERFUL mother – hang in there!!!

  3. lisa says:

    I don’t mind you passing it on at all. I am looking for any support and help I can get! I love ideas too…

  4. lisa says:

    I will say that it makes creativity at dinner time a breeze! : ) I just would love to slip in some greens… is that asking too much? ; )

  5. Lauren says:

    I miss that little guy.

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