18 May 2011

The sunshine | Kirkland, WA Family Photographer

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Today was a glorious day and a perfect day for pictures.  You see, Kirkland residents (as well as many others around the world) have been patiently waiting for sunshine… consistent sunshine.  When it comes out to play, we can’t help ourselves.  Sunshine warms the soul, lifts the spirit and brightens the day.  I feel so capable when the sun is out.  I want to try new things, make new friendships, be a better photographer-mother-wife-neighbor-friend, and bake something delicious.  Wow, all because of the sunshine.  Please note… I probably won’t be posting something about rainy days and what I am capable after 30+ days of rain.  : )  I would like to know how to bottle up days like this (maybe I can?  Is it called Vitamin D?).  The hazy warmth and green grass is good for me.

a girl's legs playing at the park on a sunny day

a field with weeds and beautiful rim light on a sunny day

a girls jumping at the park on a sunny day

2 Responses to “The sunshine | Kirkland, WA Family Photographer”

  1. lee-ann says:

    Aw, Lisa, these are beautiful images! We’ve got pouring rain, thunder and lightening…yuck! Wishing you many days of sunshine in a row!

  2. lisa says:

    Thanks for thr wishes for warmth. Today is yuck but I gave myself another haircut so that was my excitement for the day.:)

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