16 May 2011

Faces | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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I love these faces.  Its park time and you would never know based on the look they are giving me.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t stalking children at the park…  (Although it certainly looks like they are feeling a little that way…)  Anyhow, these kids belong to my good friend and I am trying REALLY hard to get the darling little girl to smile at me.  When I graduate from frowns to smiles I will be sure to post them (hopefully I will have my camera for the moment).  Is it me or the camera?  : )

It was a darn cold day and we were just trying to get out of our darn cold (and dark) homes.  You can see that we don’t have sunshine and much light to be excited about.  I brought out of my camera (since I tote it everywhere while trying to stay on top of my photo a day project) right during “My Little Pony Fruit Snack” time and you can see that I did not win.
children's faces

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