09 May 2011

My vacation | personal

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A VACATION!  This vacation was much needed.  But, I must say that I am embarrassed that the last thing on my blog was pictures of me and here I start the next post with well… a picture of me.  : )

These pictures are from Kauai-I think the most gorgeous of the Hawaiian islands.  This island suited me well… tons of adventure, hikes, swimming, snorkeling, and the beauty was amazing.  I needed more time to get in the kayaking and hiking as we only accomplished one hike.  The hike was the Napali coast.  It was difficult.  Difficult.  We hike 2 miles in to a private beach, 2 miles up to a waterfall but maybe I forgot that I would need to hike the 4 miles back out?  I could barely move the sore muscles the next day!  It was time to get out of Kirkland, Washington and enjoy warmth and the sun.  We met up with several of our favorite couples, making it a superb vacation!  One of my favorite activities was the zipline!  If you are headed to Hawaii anytime in the near future-check out Kauai!  Do the hike along the Napali Coast and visit Princeville Ranch for their awesome King Kong zipline!  Now, its time to check back in to my regular life and get blog posts rolling, Photo A Day (flickr page here) caught up, and tasks checked off my to-do list (and finally stop the vacation responder in email).  I suppose vacation can last only so long…

Zipline in Kauai Hawaii

catamaran view of the Napali Coast

4 Responses to “My vacation | personal”

  1. Jill McKee says:

    We are going on the next fabulous trip. That’s it!!

  2. lisa says:

    Yes Jill, you better!!!

  3. Cara says:

    What a gorgeous picture of Napali! Somehow my little iphone pics pale in comparison, which are uploading to flickr as I write these words! Enjoy a bit of a giggle at my photography skills when you see them…

    YES Jill, you are!

  4. lisa says:

    Cara, do you remember the silliness of me and that camera? I was holding on hoping to not get soaked or dumped. It was such a beautiful scene but hrs to get pictures when we were wave jumped and drenched in rain. ; )

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