22 Apr 2011

The other side of the camera

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It is rare that I see myself in front of the lens (in a professional kind of way).  I was actually a little thrown off when I saw these… I thought, “Do I really look like that?”  It is such good exercise to be on the other side of the lens every once in a while and a must do for any photographer.  It was interesting to feel a little awkward and uncomfortable, wondering what to say, what to do, where to sit and so forth.  When I am the one with the camera, I can see exactly what I need and how to shape and form the portrait.  But, then there is the other side of the camera-the other experience.   There is this constant wonder, “Do I look ok?”  “Was I blinking?” “Do my arms look silly?” “What should I do with my hands?” “How many rolls can you see?” “Is it a good hair day or bad hair day?” and the questions go on and on.  Insecurity.  Are we ever comfortable with who we are in pictures, what we look like in pictures?  Do we have high expectations that what we see is not what really is?  Do we look at pictures and immediately start tearing ourselves apart (look at that hair, what was I thinking?  Look at my stomach, I didn’t remember my Spanx, etc.)

I like these photos by Jessica with Twist Photography.  She did a fabulous job getting little snippets of me while we were working on OCF versus natural light.  Jessica is awesome and I am thankful that I have these!  I am ok with my funny arms.  : )

Photos of Lisa Heuer by Twist Photography

Interested in an update on my personal project?  Visit THE Flickr page!  Headed into May and I still have a picture every day.  It’s clearly miraculous!  :)

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