13 Apr 2011

Loving the light | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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There are few moments when I am able to go on an excursion with my camera for personal projects and fulfillment.  I’m not complaining (well, sort of) I am simply stating reality.  : )  I reserved a “day off” to visit Seattle and some of the spectacular sights on the University of Washington campus.  I was lucky enough to meet up with other photographers from the surrounding area so we could collaborate ideas and have fun.  We visited the Suzzallo Library, got about 30 steps in the door, and saw the grand staircase.  We were all in love with the light and stopped for what was probably close to an hour in this place. We walked around ooohing and ahhhing about the pretty light. We truly didn’t mind losing ourselves in here…  it was quiet and full of opportunities.  The unfortunate side of losing ourselves was losing track of time.  Why does time fly when you are having fun?

pretty light at the library at University of Washington

Women on staircase at Suzzallo Library(love the shot above of all of us “in” the picture some way or another)

We wandered out to the common area where all the cherry blossoms canopied over us like fluffy umbrellas.  Amazing!  The color, the texture, the smell…   We used most of the remainder of our time together here with these trees.  Our visit together ended with refreshments at Starbucks and a walk around U Village (a shopping center that I didn’t know existed until this day).  We didn’t use our time wisely and get a shot of us together… I certainly hope we can clear our calendars once every 2-3 months to have these moments to explore and discover new things as friends and fellow photographers!

Cherry Blossom trees on University of Washington campus

Jessica, owner of Twist Photography

Girls at U Village, self portrait

You can visit Jessica at Twist Photography.   You can see more of this day and other pictures from my Photo A Day personal Project on the Flickr Page.  Go, see, enjoy.  : )

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