11 Apr 2011

I’ve been dying to go see these tulips | Kirkland, WA photographer

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We moved to Kirkland, WA in June  of 2010.  One of my first purchases was a book of things to do from Costco.  Actually, I’ll be honest… I bought several books and brought them home, took the time to review them and see which ones met my needs and returned the rest.  (I am a returner.)  It is too difficult to decide right there in the isles of Costco with my kids begging me to buy them the Elmo read along books and the princess craft kits.  Bringing it home was the only option.  ANYHOW, I still ended up keeping two or three and I love them all.  I noticed something about a Tulip Festival in one of them and figured it would be an excellent outing.  Too bad for me, it ended in April.  But, I didn’t forget about the Tulip Festival.  In fact, I have been looking forward to April since last June.  : )

We took a drive up to Mt. Vernon on Sunday after church.  A family outing.  The kids were thrilled to be in the car for over an hour.  ha.  They were hungry and had wished we stayed home so they could play bookstore all afternoon.  Sometimes you just have to win.  So, against their will, we packed them up along with some peanut butter sandwiches and headed up north to see the famous tulips.  We drove and drove and only missed one turn off.  : )  We found the information center in town, was given a map and details about where to drive and where to go.  We went.

We pulled up to the Tulip Town and could barely open our doors since the wind was so strong.  We weren’t dressed for this (I thought).  We only had two layers on, not the four that was needed.  We unpacked cameras and children and headed out to the gardens.  (We learned that all the fields growing along side the road are for viewing purposes only.  Stopping along the road is prohibited and touching them would practically put your in jail.)  Tulip Town had a gorgeous display of tulips-most had not shown color yet.  What we did see was amazing and somehow it struck incredible energy in the complaining children… they wanted to run between the rows of tulips.  They did.  It was against the rules but the wind was too loud to try and do anything about it but stand on the sidelines and hope they looked our way to wave them back in…

What a glorious day filled with color, clear skies and flowers (I’ll take the wind given the rest).  I’m heading back in a couple weeks to see its progress.  Hopefully more rows will be showing color (and the wind will be gone and the children will not complain).Yellow tulips at the tulip festival in Skagit Valley
Tulip Festival at Mt Vernon, Skagit Valley
Tulip Fields at the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley

A Family visiting the Tulip Fields in Mt VernonRed Tulips at the Tulipe Festival in Skagit Valley

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  1. J. Ford Johnston says:

    I’m lucky to be an uncle by marriage of Kristen K Johnston. That way I get to see your fabulous pictures on FaceBook when she comments on your posts. This time I clicked on your web posting and got the further benefit of your wonderful commentary. I was stationed at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma in 1965 and got to see some of the flowers around Puyallup in the Spring. Your pix bring back fond memories of that time and place. Thanx for sharing.

    J. Ford [& Denise] Johnston
    Union, KY

  2. lisa says:

    Wow. Thank you for stopping by and the nice note!

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