07 Apr 2011

Sledding, snow, and spring | Kirkland, WA Family Photographer

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This was MY family enjoying a snow break a few weeks ago.  We loved our time with the sleds and especially loved that this nice white puffy hill was only one hour away.  Convenient.  But, let’s be honest.  I am done with the cold.  I am done with 3 layers.  I am done with my permanently affixed fleece.  I am done with knee high socks. AND I am done with shivering every day.  When will it stop?  I am happy to report that I have noticed spring buds and color appearing around my home BUT I am still searching for sunshine (on a consistent basis) and temperatures in the range of 60-70.  Is that asking too much?  Oh, and I think I am fairly certain that I would not be able to bloom if I was planted in a place that continually brought snow to my doorstep in the winter.

A father and his son sledding and laughing

two kids sledding and laughing

a mom and her kids sledding and laughing

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