23 Mar 2011

WPPI Las Vegas, 2011

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So, you meet people for the first time after what started as an online relationship…  Before you know it you are doing things that you never would have imagined.  Get comfortable and let me explain.

I arrived in Vegas on a Sunday evening where I was planning to connect with Kelli.  I actually enjoyed sitting around, catching up on my Words With Friends games and doing a great amount of people watching while waiting for her delayed plane.  She finally landed safely and she was the only one that I knew-and by “knew” I don’t mean that we were from the same school, neighborhood, or even city.  Kelli and I started our relationship as teacher/student.  We officially met (that real life thing) in October when she happened to be in Arizona with her husband on a romantic weekend getaway (in Arizona? ok, whatever works) and I in Arizona to shoot some mini holiday sessions.  We realized our paths were crossing and planned a quick meet-up. We dined at Joe’s Farm Grill between our daily business and duties and then we went on our merry ways.  So, there we were at the airport together laughing with anticipation about our upcoming week at WPPI.  We arrived at MGM Grand and I met my roommates, Brianne Hall and Jaclyn Davis (who actually arrived later due to some well, ummm… wrong flight problems) who were more adorable than their avatar would show and we all headed to dinner to meet up with some other graduates from Kelli’s mentorship.  Many of the women and I are virtual friends-we help each other through our online forum offering suggestions and ideas for our businesses.  There we were.  Together.  At the same table.  In real life.  That moment when you get to put a one inch avatar together with a real face is life changing.  You should try it.

After some digestion and relaxation, we headed back down to meet up with Leah from Go4Pro, Spanki Mills, Noelle Reynolds, Anna DeMille, Carrie Rainey, Stac Worthington, and Angela Richardson all of whom I had never met online or in person before (thank you Kelli for the nudge).  Within moments of our chit chat, trying to get passed the awkward first meet-up moments with a million loud people around us and a ring a ling ding on the slot machines surrounding us, we determined that it was time to take our party to the hotel room.  Yep.   See what I mean about this… First call was pajamas and then it got crazy from there.  Once you have pajamas on, you can’t promise that anything good is going to happen.  For instance, I don’t know that I have ever eaten so many chocolate eggs in one night.  Anyhow, before we knew it, there was jumping on the beds, mock boudoir sessions (complete with cotton socks, sweat pants, a DJ and a lamp), and cinematography all  happening in that MGM Grand, 20 floors up.

The good news about all this was that 1. laughter is good exercise.  2. I now have fellow photographers that I call friends (who are uberly talented and gifted).  3. we lost sleep from the very first night… no need to adjust later.  4. I learned the beauties of lamp light and a good DJ.  I think it is safe to say that WPPI will make it on my calendar next year.  My first year was no let down and it can only get better, right?  I was surrounded by people that inspired me and challenged me to do things, understand things and change things.  All in all,What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.   (AND… Well, what is a post without my Photo A Day update?)

Dinner at MGM Grand

Jumping on the bed

silly interviews


lamp light


business cards on a table

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