21 Mar 2011

High School Models Continued | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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This group was nothing short of talent.  One minute I turn around and the skateboard action is happening.  It was hard to decide where I needed to focus my camera.  Have you ever heard the term, “I have eyes on the back of my head,”  mostly when your parents try to convince you that they can see what you are doing even when you think they can’t?  Well, I was wishing I had eyes on the back of my head and a camera to go along with it.  Josh was one that I was trying to capture a REAL smile.  What is a real smile when you don’t know the person?  You know that smile that either leads to a laugh or is just at the end of a laugh?  We were teasing him about a cute girl walking by in the background at which time, my sister/assistant says, “yep, she is here,” and walks behind me.  We got him to laugh and me too.  Clever Lindsey!  I will have to try that one again.  What I learned about him is that he was able and willing to do anything I needed-with a real smile.  : )  He is witty and quite talented on the skateboard. He and his brother JD were great and I feel lucky and blessed to have them be a part of the crew on this particular morning!  Thank you to their dear mother who is passionate about pictures like me.  Without her, I could not have these fabulous boys to shoot!  Also, thanks to Ami for the referral/suggestion.  She said they were awesome boys and she was right!


high school model


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  1. ami bethea says:

    You’re welcome! Your pictures turned out great!

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