17 Mar 2011

High School Models | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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More of these beautiful high school models…  I have found a new favorite niche.  Although, everything is my favorite.  Everything I get my hands on-even outside of photography, becomes my favorite.  : )

Anyhow, so there I was photographing this gal, completely stunned that she knew exactly what to do before I even needed to say anything.  She moved, shifted weight, tilted her head, held poses and moved on.  I was looking at these high school students thinking I wasn’t too much older then they were (or at least that’s how I felt) but the truth is, I was in high school many moons ago.  I watched them have fun and laugh and hang out together all while I was feeling that high school was just a few months ago for me.  : )

I left clothing up to the models.  I told them to let their style shine.  I’m glad I did because I could never choose what they chose for themselves.  Don’t you love her choices?  I am in love with color and when she showed up with her colors, I was thrilled!  Mykee is a dancer too.  I should have guessed since she had the movement thing down so easily.  She is darling.  DARLING.  It was a privilege to spend the morning with her.  It was a blessing to have her with the group.  I learned from her as she comfortably stood there showing me what it is like to be a model.  I am excited to share these photos with her!  Thanks Mykee for being a part of this for me!

high school model

high school model

high school model

high school model

high school model

4 Responses to “High School Models | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer”

  1. Tracey says:

    These are fabulous Lisa! And what a beautiful subject!

  2. lisa says:

    Thanks Tracey! I loved her style and sass! yep, she is beautiful!

  3. lizzy says:

    so beautiful! I do Mykee’s hair and I am wondering if i can put these on my blog? it can have your name on it and i’ll put links wherever you would like. let me know

  4. lisa says:

    I’ll send you an email!

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