16 Mar 2011

The Flash Bus and all that jazz

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I looked around the room and quickly determined that I was the minority… I was under the age of 50 AND I was female.  (Which by the way, I get the same feeling when I walk into Tempe Camera in Tempe, AZ where most employees and customers are sporting grey facial hair and a scarce amount on their heads.)  I embraced our differences and picked a seat squished between two grey goatees (or something like that, I was too focused on the show that was about to begin).  I chose the closest empty seat and asked if it was available.  Lucky me, it was.  Then, I became aware of the chitter chatter surrounding my existence regarding how many years in the field, what type of work was being created, what contests were won and what famous photographers were their heroes.  I felt like those around me were fluffing up their feathers, determining who was the alpha.  I kept to myself, anxious to learn all that I could because I wanted to be the only one who knew that clearly I was not a flash diva, not even a lamp lover.  I was there to learn and soak up, like a sponge, all the information I could hold, retain and use.  Hence my reason for signing up the minute I saw promotions for The Flash Bus!

The Flash Bus

What I learned at this conference was something so simple yet so difficult.  There is not ONE way to do light.  Light is light.  Some have a tactical approach, some have a faithful approach.  The tactical approach describes David Hobby, who is a light master, has a fabulous blog, Strobist, where you can learn every about using flash and more and he has years and years of experience.  His new approach to photography and blogging is very unique and inspirational.  I yearn to know what he knows and think like he thinks.  The faithful approach is Joe McNally.  I was immediately at ease with Joe.  See that, like we are friends… JOE.  Anyhow, I never felt like Joe was trying to earn his superiority (is that a word).  We all know him and respect him and he too has many years in the field.  He was a photographer for Life Magazine so he obviously is qualified.  : )  Part of my love for Joe came when he told us that he says, “Let’s see what happens,” several times during his shoots (all while keeping his assistants wondering why he hasn’t figured it out after 35 years) .  He has faith that it will be something cool based on his vision and then tweaks it if it didn’t work out.  Joe McNally blog is a fun way to see his latest leaps of faith.  : )  Joe inspired me to stop trying to get it perfect-just go for it.  I have a tendency to over study and over research.  I need to put it in action now and tweak it as I go.  I loved the different approaches, I loved the different schools of thought, I loved the inspiration and I loved their passion for getting the light right!  I also loved the open question session at the end where we were able to put our minds at ease, learn more about them and feel like we got our money’s worth.  :)

The Flash Bus

As I am typing this out, it leads me to my next thought and possible post… natural light vs. other light.  Hmmmm…

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  1. Ven says:

    Lisa…. nice post. I’m going to the Grand Rapids MI Flash Bus stop and am looking forward to it. Hope these guys aren’t wiped out by the time they get here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lisa says:

    You’ll love it! They won’t be wiped out, this is their passion. I bet they get better with each one! Have fun!

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