15 Mar 2011

High School Models | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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Meet JD.  He was referred to me during my high school model search and I couldn’t be happier.  I didn’t know JD before this chilly Saturday morning but I feel like I got to know a piece of him.  A very small piece of him.  Clearly he had done this thing a million times before, been in front of the camera!  He was casual, relaxed and was able to strike up a phone conversation on demand.  Now, that is skill!  He had confidence and photographing confidence is a fun experience.  (Ya know, if he would allow me to-I’d love to meet him at a skate park and follow him around.)   I loved the shots, with the shadow, and wished I had more time to watch him try out his tricks and awe his audience!  What I now know about JD is that he can be friendly to anyone-even if it is 8:00am on a Saturday morning, he can skateboard with ease, he is a singer, he is a great brother, he is not a fan of make-up, he has an easy-going personality and enjoys hanging out with friends.  Thanks JD, for giving me some time on your busy Saturday morning!

So, what do ya say about my skate park idea? : )

high school model on skateboard

high school model


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