14 Mar 2011

Babies | Queen Creek, AZ Photography

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What is better than perfect skin, bright eyes, and baby giggles?  Ya know what I love about this age?  They can’t run away.  : )  I get my fair share of chasing kids (I have two of my own) so this was a nice break.  She sat perfectly-mostly in her own world, watching the park goers and leaves blow by.  She had some drooling here and there and loved it-some may clean it up, clone it out of there but I thought it said, “I am a baby and I drool.”  :)  These were taken on a beautiful March day in Queen Creek, AZ at Power Ranch.  One of the greatest benefits of being a Queen Creek photographer is scheduling sessions during spring and fall in Arizona is the chance to take a break from the cold and soak up the sunshine and eat at some of my favorite places.

I used my 24-70mm lens because packing all my favorite stuff wasn’t an option.  I really wanted to bring them all but I am not keen on checking anything with camera equipment in it.   I love that lens!  So, here is this darling baby girl-proud to be sitting up and posing for her photos!

storyboard collage of a baby

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  1. Lauren says:

    Lyndie overload… Thanks for all the adorable pics. She is at a pretty fun age.

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