11 Mar 2011

High School Models | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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High School. Style. Hair. Make-up. Friends. Weekends. Texting. Shoes. Sports. Cars. Dates. Fun. Talents. Sleep. Work. Play. Laugh.

I am searching my brain for more words but I am drawing a blank there.  I recently did a photoshoot with several high school students and the first to make it on the blog is this darling girl.  She is spunky, as a matter of fact I think her nickname is Punky!  She has a contagious laugh, her hair is a gorgeous brownish red and she has got serious style. She is a dancer (probably since she was three) and is sweet to all those around her.  I love those curls and have wished several times since this photoshoot that I could sport that with my hair but apparently 2 inches isn’t much to work with.  She woke up early for this fun morning and patiently sat while Patrick, our make-up artist, completed her make-up and lashes.  My goal with this photoshoot was to back-up.  I have a tendency to get tight crops.  All the time.  I wanted to be certain to capture her shoes-that would mean that I was backing up!  I used my 70-200mm and loved the flexibility of the zoom.  You may think (like her mother) there is added red but I assure you there is no boost in color!  : )   I did a custom white balance before each model to be certain I was on target with colors!  Those red bricks really show off her red tones!  She is adorable!

high school model

high school model

high school model

High School Model

High School Model

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2 Responses to “High School Models | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer”

  1. Jill M says:

    Well, I love every single one of them!! Thank you so much Lisa. You have captured my family so many times with your camera. I love every picture you take! And I want you to move back to Arizona.

  2. lisa says:

    Thank you Jill! Move back to AZ? I’m a snow bird, remember? :)

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