02 Mar 2011

Headshots | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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I mentioned THE headshots.  Here is the 8 minute “studio” session involving 4 ladies that wanted headshots.  Incredible, huh?  I am grateful to call these ladies friends and I certainly look forward to learning from them.  Come along, down the road of an 8 minute headshot session for 4 ladies (the fourth was me).

Meet Brianne Hall.  Brianne and I met the first night I arrived… she was a roommate.  Isn’t it funny how you can be friends but not really be friends?  I had never met Brianne but knew her from a photography forum.  What I learned about Brianne is that she is a solid, determined girl!  She is a wedding photographer and dedicated to doing things right!  When she stood up, I was surprised by her height.  She is a stunning, awesome six feet tall.  I have always been short-I envy those that are not vertically challenged.  She is one of sweetest girls and always ready for good time!  She woke up every morning ready for a new day, a new class and a new opportunity.  On our day of headshots, she did not disappoint with her darling dress, cardigan and pearls.  She walked the sassy walk for us just as we would have our kids, seniors or fashion models do.  (do those all even belong in the same category?)  She never stopped wanting to do better, learn more and achieve whatever is possible.  It was a privilege to get to know her.  She was a fabulous roommate and she is an excellent photographer!  I loved how Brianne was ready to go at any given time and yet so independent.  She was there for the right reasons!  Thank you for being a great example Brianne!

Brianne Hall Imagery

Meet Kelli France.  I met Kelli for a few brief moments in October while I was in AZ for some Queen Creek mini sessions.  I had known Kelli for what seemed like a million years although I completed the business mentoring through Francypants Academy just last year and loved her ever since.  I am passionate about business and can’t turn that business brain off.  Well, I think Kelli may be a match in that area!  She is always forward thinking with her business.  Anyhow, we joined up at the airport and proceeded to laugh our way from gate to baggage to MGM.  Kelli is a whirlwind of laughter and an excellent teacher.  She is the entertainment at a midnight PJ party and up for some dancing even in those plaid PJ’s.  Her style is adorable and she is an excellent photographer from bellies to babies and tots to teens (Kelli, did I just get your tagline right?)  Kelli was another roommate and kept us tossing business ideas and sharing thoughts.  What a great way to spend our time at WPPI!  I loved the way she was asking for commitments before we left our conference-committment for growth, for change, for improvements.  She is a leader!  Thanks for helping me sort and commit to change Kelli!

FrancyPants Academy

Meet Jaclyn Davis.  Jaclyn impressed me from the get-go with story of the accidental flight to Reno (instead of Las Vegas) while keeping a smile.  She brushed it off like another day in the life.  She was easy to be around and humble and talented.  Her personality was a treasure and she was friendly to all those who came in contact with her.  Jaclyn was also a roommate and although we were “friends” on the forum, it was a gift to get to know her.  Jaclyn was a bucket of knowledge and was ready to share with everyone.  She loved her McDonald’s mornings and often lost her shoes in our tiny room.  She was fun, giggly and driven.  I loved her bright colors and her simple style.  I loved how Jaclyn never got her feathers ruffled.  I love how she can take a horrible experience (flying to Reno and taxied to the supposed MGM before realizing she wasn’t in Vegas) and turn it into a great story that brings a room together in laughter and fun…  we were laughing WITH her not at her.  ; )  Thanks for being so fun and light-hearted Jaclyn.  You are darling! (and I am happy to say that I finally learned how to spell your name)

Jaclyn Davis

Meet Katie Kulzer.  I must admit that Katie was nearly a stranger but that didn’t stop me from loving her right away.  I could see her spunk and friendliness from the moment I met her.  I love me some spunk!  Her fashion was edgy and she had a bright smile. I wish I had more pictures of this adorable photographer BUT with 4 others in your way and only 8 minutes, it is difficult to get more shots.  She rocks the sassy dress and short hair.  I can’t wait to get to know her better!  Katie, thanks for being so kind and friendly to a stranger!  I hope to see more of you on that fabulous forum!  : )

Katie Kulzer

What a lucky girl I am, to rub shoulders with these ladies, to know they are friends but to now KNOW they are my friends.  I love sharing-sharing ideas, challenges, talent and thoughts.  It was truly a fantastic conference and was not short of fabulous people.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend WPPI 2011!

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4 Responses to “Headshots | Kirkland, WA Photographer”

  1. Jackie says:

    Lisa! What a fun post! Now someone needs to post about you! : ) So fun to meet you and your cheery personality!

  2. lisa says:

    Me? I can’t imagine what somebody would post. :)

  3. Brianne Hall says:

    Lisa!! Did I see this before? I don’t know. Maybe I did. But I just happened to come across it again and it seriously made my day! Your words are so sweet. Thank you for being so openly kind and grateful. I am so glad I got to meet you too! I will never forget how much fun we all had dancing in the club that night. A bunch of married LDS women getting down in Vegas. Ha! Of course the rest of the week was great as well. I hope the last year has treated you well!

  4. lisa says:

    Brianne! Hey you! Thanks for stopping by, you reminded me that I have a blog. :). Vegas was so fun- we will have to plan that again-especially the dancing part. ;). You are awesome and thanks again for landing here in my little corner of cyberspace!

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