16 Feb 2011

Photo Challenge Week 6 | Kirkland, WA Photography

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I love a good theme!  Themes keep us cohesive and understandable.  There are many ways to interpret every photo technique and personal style and expertise plays into it too.  I’m enjoying the photo challenge as it give me a tidbit of focus each week.  I realize I may be boring with my personal daily Photo A Day, BUT I am hoping to accomplish many things and at the top of that list is making sure I journal my own life in addition to others’ lives.  (Did I just grammatically handle that sentence properly?)  So, in an attempt to not only complete my Photo A Day self challenge, I added the weekly photography challenge to hopefully learn more and explore more with my camera.  So, what was I saying?  Oh, themes…  This week we focused on Cars.  I am no car girl for sure (I will stick with Kirkland Family Photography) which is probably why the extraordinary stuck out to me.  I was going for old grainy look and feel.  This truck was just in the middle of all the thorniest bushes one could find.  It had moss growing from the top and it’s insides.  It truly was a site to see.  I could tell that people were puzzled as to why I was photographing this truck as they drove by.  Sometimes the exciting part of photography is just that… to see what peoples’ reactions will be.  I have more plans for this big guy but I anxiously await the next “theme” so I can go whole heartedly toward my next victim!

old abondoned truck

So, the opposite is found in the car below, excuse me, I mean the Lamborghini below. I knew this car was fancy because I used to play MASH as a kid and I would list Lamborghini as one of my car choices even though I had never seen one before.  When this one pulled up, I was excited to see what my childhood dreams were all about.  The lighting was tricky on this afternoon.  I had about 4 minutes to get some shots as everybody was ooh-ing and aaaw-ing over this beauty (casting shadows and blocking my views and angles).  Have you heard the chat, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit,” in your home?  Well, that’s how I felt.  I want to be excited about cars, I knew I should be excited about THIS car and therefore, I wanted to have my sweet time with this one but since I wasn’t possible, I did my thing and had to move on.  Maybe I should schedule more time with this one too?  Although, who needs an appointment with the one above?


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