15 Feb 2011

Photo A Day | February 6-12

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Moving right along here…  The most exciting day this week was February 10th.  On Thursday I had more energy and giddiness than I have had in a while.  I put that positive energy to good use and took myself out and treat me to a photography date.  You’ll see what I mean…

February 6-its simple… Give Me Sunshine!  Our nightly family prayer. (and a photo already posted)A canvas painting about sunshine

February 7- Going to the gym… First, I need to get the gumption to go. Then, I need to pack my gym bag because I like to get ready for the day AS SOON AS I am done. Also, I need to pack a towel because the towels there barely go from hip to hip, let alone all the way around my body. My towel never fits in my bag, everything starts to overflow, it bumps against me as I walk and falls down when I try to buckle my son in the car. BUT, I still go hoping that someday I won’t have to pack my own towel because theirs will fit all the way around me. : ) a gym bag with a towel

February 8- I love to see her bed made… I check her room before she escapes to school to make sure the job has been done. I always have to smile when I see some lumps under the covers, knowing that her sheets and blanket are all crumbled down. Baby steps… clean the room, then teach the details. : ) The picture on her headboard is her friends from AZ. I love that picture-they have been friends since maybe 2 years old or just before. They are all 8 now. a girl's bedroom

February 9- The children thought it would be a grand idea to decorate for Valentines Day. This was their idea…”Let’s write on sticky notes each letter of Happy Valentine’s Day and stick it on the door.” They went about their project and are very determined to keep it there for a while. It is more than I have done for Valentine’s Day-bless their loving hearts! an office door with sticky notes on it

February 10- Look what I found! I had to take myself on a walk today. It was a beautiful sunny day (again) and I haven’t been in the best of moods… I was giddy to get out with me, myself, and my camera. I walked down by the pier and found some cool lightposts, some men enjoying their afternoon pipes and some awesome fluffy blowy thingees. It was a much needed walk!

A pier, a lampost and some landscape in Seattle

February 10th continues… Feb 10 must have been a very ambitious day as I have all these pictures to prove it. I have these books in my car at all times, you never know when I will need to break out into adventure mode! They have been in my car for months and months but I love them there. It helps me look forward to things to come (Like the Tulip Festival-who wants to join me?).

Books about SEattle

February 10th STILL continues… What would a sunny day be without a visit to the park? And, the tire swing. Is there anything more fun than a tire swing with your friends? Friends on a tire swing

February 11- Do you ever wonder about the things you do for you kids… like leave a million lights on at night just as the kids request? I was just about to doze off to sleep and realized OH NO, I haven’t taken a picture for today. i was even proud that it was a Friday night and I was headed to bed early until my realization… So, I got out the camera and just lay on my bed thinking about what I could possibly capture for the day. I took a picture of the clock and was going to put something about Friday night and the time I was going to bed, then I took a picture of my husband watching a movie on his laptop, then, then I looked out toward my door and saw what could have been a neighbor’s house on fire. What is with ALL THE LIGHTS? Oh yeah, its for Flip. I had to smile and think about 1. how much I love him and 2. how to get him to pay the electric bill. :) lights in a dark house

February 12- Have you ever been to the Gum Wall in Seattle? It is pretty crazy-yes, a bunch of chewed gum. Who started it? My kids went through several pieces of gum on our adventure today in downtown Seattle!Seattle's Gum Wall

Seattle Gum Wall

kids putting gum on the Seattle Gum Wall

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