09 Feb 2011

Photo Challenge | Week 5 | Kirkland, WA

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I don’t love to be in front of the camera.  I don’t mind it but I would rather be behind it. BUT many times through classes, groups, conferences, blogs, etc. we are challenged to accomplish a self portrait.  What does that mean?  Get in front, use a remote and then check out how your hair looks and if you look fat or skinny?  : )  I’m not saying I haven’t done (ha) that but this challenge was different… we were to capture something we love or something we love to do.  I was lucky this week because we have had some sunny days-beautiful sunny days.  I would sit at the window in my office, while my son was at preschool, and just marvel at the beauty while enjoying a little heat from the sun’s rays.  I love sunshine and maybe more now then ever.  I love to see how it brightens the day.  I love to see all the neighbors come out of their caves.  I love to see all the pets attached to leashes out for walks on a sunny day.  I love to see the water sparkle.  I love to see the water from the day before glisten on the tree branches.  I love sunshine.  And, nightly my family and I talk about what the weather will be tomorrow, meaning the next day, so my daughter can plan appropriately for school.  I never knew at age 8, and probably didn’t know until my 20’s, how to relate temperature to the weather.  I knew super hot or pretty chilly.  I didn’t know what number that equated to.  Now, my kids know that 50 degrees means chilly-bring your jacket.  They know that 20 degrees means possible snow.  They know that 75 degrees in AZ is a perfect day.  So, I wish for sunshine everyday.  This painting I have in my home was a treasure I found just before we moved-I knew it needed to be with me!  For week 5 challenge with Sandi Bradshaw’s group, I chose to include me and sunshine-as you know we go together like peas and carrots.  I am looking out the window (staying bundled in my fleece, which I wear everyday/all day), expecting sunshine for the day.  It peeked out and didn’t stay very long but what I did see was beautiful!

Give Me Sunshine canvas painting

girl looking out the window

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