07 Feb 2011

Photo A Day | January 30-February 5

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Well, this week surprises me-it is the last few days of January and moving into February.  Pretty soon we will be singing holiday tunes.  A couple things happened this week…  1. I signed up for a 52 week challenge with a specific topic.  2. I signed up for The Flash Bus in Seattle and it was sold out a few days later-I’m thrilled and excited about it!  3. I will be going to WPPI in Vegas on February 20th and I was sent a reminder email this week-which blew my mind away that we are already in February.  4. I finished my product catalog and my home design guide.  These have both been on my to-do list since the beginning of 2010.  Seriously.  They were both big undertakings with lots of details to work out and formatting to handle.  A huge sigh of relief and a big sense of accomplishment was felt this week!  Having this Photo A Day project has kept my focus-remembering why I love my camera and how life can slip by (both the good and the bad) so quickly.  Here is another week in my life.  : )

January 30- Must there always be piles at the bottom of the stairs? Must the children leave stuff to be cleaned up later (Ok, so there might be a thing or two that belongs to me)? This view is from the front entry… nothing like, “Hi, welcome to my home. The piles… oh the pile. We are lazy but we will get it upstairs someday.” This picture does not depict its true form. It only gets worse from here. The children must not have had a fun day as the stairs do not show the heaps and mounds of clothes and toys! Big Sigh…

Stairs indoor

January 31- You see, some of us around here are trying to lose weight and some of us are not.  This Milky Way is NOT on my desk.  The Milky Way is the “midnight” version which is probably an accurate description of when this was consumed.  You know you are desperate when you break into the bag of candy that is designated for the Sunday School class.  I am trying to lose weight.  I am not eating Milky Ways and it sure doesn’t help when “others” are having midnight snacks.  Big Sigh (again)  Milky Way

February 1 -Our days are beautiful (while the rest are dealing with horrible storms, I hear). I have opened the window to see its beauty. I have had fun capturing sun flare. It is funny to see that yes, people do live around here but apparently we only see each other on sunny days. It is funny to see that people have pets but again, they are only graced to see the outdoors on beautiful sunny days. This is my view today. Such a pretty sunny day. I love the sun, we go together like peas and carrots.  Sunny day in Seattle

Still welcoming February will some beautiful skies and clear views!  view of snowy mountains from Lake Washington

February 2- You would think that these kids have never seen a slide! Well, I suppose it has been a while since we have played outside. The weather was fabulous so we took advantage of sunshine and 50 degree weather!Kids on a slide at park

February 3- I have been working for a very long time on this! It is a simple product guide for 2011 with all sorts of goodies in it. I wanted to have all things in one place for clients and something that looked professional and colorful. I love it. It has a hard cover and is spiral bound. When the doorbell rang, I knew what it was and I could barely contain my excitement. I am having a booklet version printed and that will be my picture for tomorrow. : ) Well, that is unless something more exciting happens, which I doubt. : ) product catalog

More of February 3- Oh my dear husband… pretending to be interested and excited about my new product guide. It took me so long to make it-he knows how long! He has seen me lose many hours of sleep on this little puppy. When I showed it to him, he pushed away from his laptop and turned the pages one by one, reading aloud and asking questions. I was grateful he was here to act excited for me! man reading a product guide

February 4- and so the magic was printed.  Exciting…product guide bookletproduct guide booklet

February 4- I didn’t want to give up my cell phone number when we moved from AZ to WA. I have had the same number for more than 9 years. You can understand… BUT, then Google has a genius idea. It’s called Google Voice. You set up a number and link it to your cell phone. I don’t know why I am not ready to give it up, I just can’t (yet). So, for now, those in WA will have my Google Voice and those (who even care) in AZ will still have my cell. Thanks Google for allowing me to still have a part of my AZ life with me. : ) Google Voice

February 5- This was in my reading material from Weight Watchers. I love the concept. It is a Pass-meaning when you have made bad choices and want to pass (the scale) that week, you hand in a “pass” card. I would love a few of these in my life! Weight Watchers

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  1. jennifer says:

    LOVE the catalogue!!! Looks awesome!

  2. lisa says:

    Yeah! Thanks! A true labor of love (ok, love of photography, love of business…??? Not sure what) but it’s done!

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