28 Jan 2011

Photo A Day | January 15-22

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I am keeping up quite nicely and please to say that I have almost made it through January and still really love this personal project!  So many things happen in a day and sometimes the kids say things that I think I will remember forever, only to forget 2 hours later.  Having this daily record will be fun to review in the years to come!  I left off at January 14 so…

January 15- On Saturday, I was dealing with some girly pains, namely the abdomen area and wanted some peace. Me and my heating pad went to my room and was going to call a 30 minute time out. My husband added to my peace time and turned on my special happy light that he bought for me (a Phillips goLite Blu Light Therapy Device– the light that represents daylight) That light is pretty darn cool-I can use it as an alarm or just a pick me up in the afternoon. Soon, my peace time was interupted and it was a party on my bed with a blue light. Maybe my kids are getting too much energy from this little miracle lamp?Phillips BluLite Therapy

January 16- It’s Sunday.  It’s sunny and beautiful outside, unusual for Seattle in January.  We decided that we would walk around the corner and check out the home for sale.  It was gorgeous in every single way.  I wish it was mine.  Every detail was thought through and stunning.  The kitchen cabinets were amazing and I want them.  The refrigerator looked like a cabinet, the dishwasher looked like a cabinet and I loved the color with the dark iron looking hardware.  I feels nice to dream… Home for Sale

January 17- Today was full of stuff like cutting my hair and deciding if I felt like cleaning it up, doing some laundry and then leaving it in the washer, and being in my “lounge” wear all day.  Pretty eventful huh?  Time flies…  At 10:30, I grabbed my camera and told myself, “I will NOT FAIL ON DAY 17!”  Then I walked around my house, my very dark house, trying to find the photo of the day.  I found it.  Not only was there light, but it shows my procrastination!  Caught! alarm clock and lamp

January 18- Rainy days and Mondays always get me down… (or Tuesdays).  This is a typical scene from inside my car. Love Washington, we pay the price for its beauty! windsheild with rain

January 19- You know what I see today? SUNSHINE. Blue skies and sunshine. I loved it and opened all the windows to let the light shine in. Wow-what a beautiful day it was! I wished I was outside, enjoying every moment, soaking every ray BUT instead I played Kinect with my son who loves bowling. It was worth it-the sun was close enough, shining through the window. What a glorious gorgeous January day! sunshine throught the windows

January 20-My Thursdays usually look like this! It’s laundry day around here and the kids know that if they want something washed, it better be in the laundry room. Sometimes I wish I did one load each day to space it out but I like to just get it done and not think about it for a while… but does laundry ever really leave the “to do” list? nope. laundry room with clothes and soap

January 21-I saw these handsome things sitting on the floor IN MY WAY today. I was vacuuming like a good little domestic engineer and was annoyed about the slippers but then had to smile. THIS was his favorite Christmas gift. They were sitting so nicely next to the bed, waiting to warm his feet. He takes great care of them and has reminded me several times that he loves his slippers. slippers with Sherpa

January 22- Today was another fabulous day in Kirkland! I came home to these children, in shorts and T-shirts and flip-flops, playing outside as if it was June. The temperature read 51 degrees but you would never know. Do you ever see your kids playing and wonder what they are up to? He has a t-shirt in his hands, he was wearing it on his head. She has binoculars around her neck, a robot dog in her arms, a cheer leading skirt, boots, a backpack and a rocker hair wig. What are they doing? kids dressing up and playing outside

January 22- This day ended on a different note…It has been one of these kinds of days (again). Tim was in charge of this crazy idea (reminds me of many punishments from my childhood). We learned they don’t mind writing… he likes writing and liked practicing his letters. SHE, well… ended up being punished on top of the punishment. It wasn’t good. kids handwriting

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