26 Jan 2011

Photo A Day | January 11

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On Tuesday morning as I was getting ready to greet my day (at 10:00am) I realized that I possessed one of the greatest inventions ever!  Nope, not the toothpaste, although toothpaste is pretty great, it is that little white plastic squeeze it toothpaste thingee that helps you squeeze the toothpaste to the end.  I noticed that I have been using the same tube of toothpaste for several months now (and yes, I brush my teeth every day). This little white thingee keeps the tube clean and prevents wasting gobs of toothpaste. You see, I live in WA now and I am learning to be conservative-this is a step.  Don’t you love when somebody invents something and you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  We found these things at The Container Store in Bellevue, WA when we first moved here.  We went a little hog wild (since I adore organization things which makes me unorganized with too much stuff to organize myself… am I talking in circles?) buying shelves and extension shelves, and drawer organizers and sliding under the cabinet storage and SQUEEZE IT tube squeezers.  I am near the end of this tube and getting ready to put my Squeeze It on a new tube (barely holding on to the end).  My kids have a Squeeze It too and I swear it minimizes the mess that kids are capable of creating in the bathroom when brushing teeth is involved.  Someday, I hope to have a simple invention that will be as simple as this yet so helpful, like a Christmas tree that is pre-decorated.  Unbox, plug in and voila.  Or how about a self cleaning toilet?  That can’t be far from the future.  There are self cleaning ovens…

Toothpaste Squeezer

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