25 Jan 2011

Photo A Day | January 8 and 9 and 10

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Sometimes Tim takes on the “to-do” list and it is blissful.  We like to call it divide and conquer.  The only problem is that he can finish tasks in 1/2 the time.  It stumps me but when I ask he says its because I don’t stay focused.  Dang focus.  Anyhow, on Saturday, I sent him in one direction while I was madly editing in my quiet house.  Ahhhh, the sound of silence (a good song to listen to while editing).  A short 3 hours went by and he walked back in with two kids in tow and claimed to have completed all the tasks.  WHAT????  My quiet time is over????  Well, I think he was in a bit of a hurry because he added a task called, “go buy Kinect,” and he did that in addition to the others.  He proclaimed that our family needed it and a side benefit was that we could get good exercise.  Well, he knows a way to my heart.  : )  So, he fired up the Kinect and it was a family affair.  Before I knew it, we had dancing, bowling, and track and field going on right in my family room.  We all participated in the games and laughter.


KinectOur Kinect joined our family on Saturday.

On Sunday, I decided to branch out.  I found a cute headband in my closet.  I purchased the vintage rose wrap probably back in September of LAST YEAR (sounds so long ago) and actually bought a few colors.  I got too nervous and left them sitting in my closet.  It was a little “out there” for me-I have never worn such a thing in my hair.  I remembered I had a few when I says my friend Jilly and Mia of Girls with Good Taste feature it as a give away on their blog. OH yes… I have some of those!  So, I was getting dressed on Sunday morning and spotted them in my closet and I heard it say something like, “Are you ever going to wear me?  If not, maybe you could give me to somebody who will?”  I considered for a moment that I should give them to a friend but then I tied one in my hair and looked in the mirror.  It wasn’t too bad but I ran downstairs and asked Tim to snap a picture.  After telling me that I was going to make the whole family late, he reluctantly snapped a picture so I could see what the headband REALLY looked like.  You know, pictures tell the truth.  : )  Anyhow, I figured I liked enough to give my courageous “branching out” a go.  And funny enough, several other people ended up liking my headband.  After church, I was playing with my off camera flash.  In 2011, (I suppose my 2011 goals are increasing afterall) I want to learn more about off camera flash.  More about that in the future but for now, you will understand the second picture below.  It is a starting point, a point to grow from and one of the main reasons I keep a blog.  GROWTH/CHANGE.  I was the boring subject (wow 2 photos of myself in a day?) but I am the only one that won’t get upset with myself after 50 shots of the same thing.  The results aren’t what I had in my head but the good news is that I have something to work toward.  I named this picture the picture of change… I hope to change personally and in my business.

Lisa Heuer Photography

On Monday, my dear son woke me up by saying, “Mama, will you play with me.”  There is nothing he treasures more than his Doggie and his trains.  He has several and still asks for trains for every holiday-and plays with them all.  His latest addition which was purchased with his Christmas gift card to a toy store, is this train set from Tomica. Doggie has been around since the day he was born and played music for a year or so but the music died and Doggie has been through a few sets of eyes.   He had a little train set up in his bedroom and put Doggie by the train-his two prized possessions.  I loved the scene, as his mother, because I knew the value of those items.  Later in the day he was sitting on my bed and asked, “Do you think one day when I get bigger I won’t like Doggie anymore?” He started to get tears in his eyes at the thought.  He then said, “Mama, he is so special to me.  I will be sad if I don’t like him anymore.  Do you think that I won’t like him when I am like 15?”   He was trying to wrap his brain around the possibility of not needing Doggie in his life.  He went to the mirror and stood there hugging Doggie and rubbing his soft ears.  I loved the moment-his simple life with Doggie.  It renewed my desire to keep up with Photo A Day because someday he will be 15 and Doggie will be somewhere in a bucket like Woody from Toystory.  This project will take snip-its of my life and my family life and my work life and put them together in a story… Photo A Day.


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