24 Jan 2011

Photo A Day | January 7

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Only 7 days in and 300+ to go.  I think I can, I think I can…

Day 7 brought many things including an awareness of my current state of being.  Yep, I might want to add weight loss back to my 2011 goals.  I tried to keep it simple this year with two things in mind but it’s time to expand the list.  Weight loss is on my list every year but I wanted to be different this year.  ; )  In 2010 I moved and I changed.  Ha.  I have enjoyed every bite to this point but when the clothes I bought three months ago don’t fit the way they should (that is the nice version of don’t fit) it’s time to face the music and make some changes.   One of those changes was to get out the ‘ol Spanx and see what they could do.  And… they didn’t do the trick.  I think it may be appropriate for some good old fashion exercise and sweat and some healthy eating.  I am working on the process but I can only do one step at a time.   For now, I am aware.  ; )

I feel a bit anonymous out here in Kirkland, WA because I never have that grocery store run-in-to-somebody-you-know type situation.  It is strange since being in AZ for my life was quite the opposite.  BUT, yesterday I ran into the grocery story for some last minute dinner items and actually saw somebody that I knew.  It is the first time I had the feeling of “home” and it was good.  It also helped me realize that I don’t have that magic blanket on anymore.  ; )  She waved hi and said with much energy, “Oh, hi,” and for a moment I couldn’t put it all together.  Who could I possibly be running into here in Washington where I don’t know anybody?  Then it clicked and I realized that we are members of the same church organization and I see her every Sunday.  She leaned over to say hello to my son who acted like she was a complete stranger and he was going to obey the “never talk to stranger” rule.  He looked at me and said, “Mama, who is that?”  Nothing like some 4 year old tact.  Anyhow, I don’t know what this has to do with my new goal except that it brought an awareness to me and my existence.  I am settled here and we love Washington and all its beauty.  It is home and time to snap out of my glutton state of being-although I have enjoyed the journey.  If Spanx can’t do the trick then I suppose it’s up to me.

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